New Developments in Park Hill, Denver - Park Hill Commons

Park Hill Commons is a new development located on Fairfax St. in North Park Hill, Denver.

You can find all sorts of brand new businesses as well as the Park Hill staples that have been around for years.

There are several different food and beverage places, retail stores, a dentist, Chiropractor, barbershop, salon, a co-working office space for rent and more!

Something very exciting to note, is the construction going on in the middle of the Development. There is a brand new Dever Rec Park being built, a "Mini Park" if you will. We still aren't exactly sure what it is going to look like but we know one thing is for sure it will be immediately loved and used by the locals. #denverlocal

This block is shaping up to be a landmark in Denver with these amazing local Colorado businesses that have survived this crazy Global Pandemic we call Covid-19 and beyond..

We must do whatever we can to help support these businesses as we can be sure this pandemic is not over yet. #shopsmallcolorado

Here are some renditions of the new park courtesy of the Denver Parks & Facility Projects Page. This looks like it is going to be a great spot for the Park Hill Community.

The construction is in full "swing" there, no pun intended ;)

To learn more about Park Hill Commons and keep up to date with the happenings in the community visit their website and follow their social media pages.

Park Hill Commons - Instagram


written by Rick Van Patten

Denver Multimedia

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